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Hungry or Guarded?

Want to successfully communicate something? You need to know whether the recipient, at that moment, is hungry for your message or guarded against it, and act accordingly.

What is the Latest Development?

It’s the idea that every cause, every candidate and every marketer faces the following situation: Either you’re selling to people who are hungry for what you offer, who are open to hearing what you have to say, who are fans… Or you’re selling to people who are actively protecting themselves, who are guarding against interruption, or a mistake, or worse. “How can you possibly have a strategy about what you’re going to do next until you determine which mindset you’re marketing to?”

What is the Big Idea?

Godin says: “In any given moment, in any given situation, a person is either hungry or guarded. You need to decide which sort of person you’ll be telling your story to, because one approach won’t work on the other type of person. …The mindset can (and does) change as people go through their day. At the bookstore she might be hungry for a new idea, and just a few minutes later, at the bus stop, she wants to be alone.”


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