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In This “Great Reset,” What Jobs Will Remain?

In the past, new technologies brought new jobs. Today, some experts foresee a future in which automation could take millions of people out of the workforce completely.

What’s the Latest Development?

With automation invading business sectors in ways that were once restricted to science fiction novels, experts are speculating on what the employment picture could look like for mere humans. For example, while driverless transportation in general would be safer and more efficient, futurologist Thomas Frey warns that many current jobs that depend on cars, including “taxi-, bus- and truck-driving…traffic police, all forms of home delivery and waste disposal, jobs at petrol stations, car washes and parking lots” could potentially disappear. Worse, economist Tyler Cowen suggests that as the old transformative technologies, such as transportation, are being automated, no new technologies exist to carry humanity forward.

What’s the Big Idea?

In the past, major technological advances have caused an economic “Great Reset,” with millions of obsolete jobs replaced by newer ones. Writer Will Hutton optimistically lists four areas in which he believes job growth will occur: micro-production, human wellbeing, the tackling of planetary issues such as hunger and energy, and data management. In order to ensure a successful “Great Reset’ this time around, he recommends “open innovation structures, financing mechanisms and social support institutions to capitalise on the opportunities quickly, rather than be overwhelmed by the risks.”

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