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Media News Round-Up

Facebook sends more users to broadcast news sites, while Google News sends more to newspaper sites.

10,000 Words argues that news media shouldn’t wait to develop iPad apps, because the device “could present the viable distribution model that news media are looking for.

Curtis Brainard discusses the importance of regional science journalism and how the Ohio River Valley’s network of radio, TV and newspapers can serve as a model for reinvigorating local science and environmental reporting.

The story of China that Western media consistently misses lies somewhere between the conventional narratives of the exploding economic powerhouse on the one hand and the simmering revolt straining against the authoritarian state on the other.

A new book accuses famed polish reporter Ryszard Kapuściński of blurring the line between fact and fiction.

Kimberly Butler interviews Amy Goodman, Dan Rather and Geraldo Rivera, among others, on the dominance of personalities on network news and the trivialization of the media: parts one and two.


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