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Nice Girls Still Come Last

Author Lois Frankel talks about how to go from a nice girl to a winning woman in the workforce. Tips include to talk less and not be shy about using connections.

What’s the Latest Development?

Women continue to overextend themselves in the workplace, but for what? Author Lois Frankel says the situation for women in general isn’t getting any better. “We surveyed women around the world and found out that across generations, women continue to get treated badly, to be not given promotions that they’re due, to be harassed, and any number of other things.”

What’s the Big Idea?

One of the first things that Frankel urges is for women to see the many ways they give away their power and to take it back, instead of succumbing to “unnecessary requests, demands, expectations—implicit or explicit.” “Another tactic is that you need to build relationships that work for you. Women are very good at building relationships; they’re not good at leveraging them. They feel as if I shouldn’t ask anybody for anything.”


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