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Renting Is the New Buying

“If you are green or broke, as many people are these days, buying seems wasteful.” The Economist says people are growing impatient with ‘idle capacity’, i.e. waste.

“Why buy when you can rent? This simple question is the foundation stone of a growing number of businesses. Why buy a car (and pay for parking) when you can rent one whenever you need to load up at IKEA? Why buy a bike (and risk having it stolen) when you can pick one up at a bike rack near your home and drop it off at another rack near your office? Why buy a DVD when you can watch it and return it in a convenient envelope? Renting is not a new business, of course. … But for most of the past 50 years renters have been conceding ground to owners. … All this is now changing dramatically, however, thanks to technology, austerity and greenery.”


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