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The Future of Innovation at Apple

To continue growing and maintain investor interest, Apple will look to overseas markets. For technological prowess, the company will rely on the management groomed by Steve Jobs. 

What’s the Latest Development?

As many mourn the passing of Steve Jobs, investor confidence in Apple remains unshaken. Industry insiders say the world’s strongest consumer technology company is run by a management team that Jobs personally groomed. This includes its new C.E.O. Tim Cook who has received praise for streamlining Apple’s operations overseas; the company will continue to look abroad to maintain its impressive growth in countries like China. As Apple’s new product lines are designed years in advance, the company will retain Jobs’ vision. 

What’s the Big Idea?

Apple is expected to continue innovating in the areas of music and television, extending its iCloud service and possibly releasing a television intimately linked with other Apple products. “For Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook, the challenge will be developing Apple’s next generation of hot sellers and facing down competition in the markets Jobs pioneered.” The rise of Apple since Jobs returned to run the company in 1997 has been stratospheric, its stock growing more than 9,000 percent. 


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