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Want An Original Monet Or Warhol? Check Out Amazon

As of today (Aug. 6), the site’s Art Store offers over 40,000 works of original and limited-edition art from more than 150 galleries and dealers. Prices range from hundreds of dollars to millions of dollars.

What’s the Latest Development?

To the millions of other things available for purchase from Amazon, you can now add original art: The company’s new Amazon Art store, launching today (August 6), offers over 40,000 original and limited-edition pieces from more than 4,500 artists. The works, which are available through over 150 galleries and art dealers from the US and elsewhere, represent a wide range of genres and prices. For the frugal, photographs can be had for under US$200, but for those with more cash to spend, choices include Andy Warhol’s “Sachiko” ($45,000) and Norman Rockwell’s “Willie Gillis: Packages From Home” ($4.85 million).

What’s the Big Idea?

To stock Amazon Art, the company is working closely with established galleries of all sizes. Holden Luntz of Miami’s Holden Luntz Gallery says, “[We] realize that the models for dealing in contemporary arts have evolved in this digital age and ecommerce is a channel to reach more clientele.” As with other Amazon stores, search tools are included to help potential customers filter works by subject, color, size, and other criteria.

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