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Who's in the Video
Peter Hopkins is a Strategy, Communications, and Operations Executive, and a co-founder and former president of Big Think. An entrepreneur and expert on e-learning, Hopkins has made appearances on NPR, CNN,[…]

Peter is the co-founder and President of Big Think, an online multimedia portal committed to developing the growing conversation about where we are and where we are headed. In that role, Peter has lead the strategic development of Big Think’s multi-platform content initiatives, which include partnerships with outlets such as The Washington Post and MSNBC, among others. From time to time, he has also served as one of Big Think’s staff interviewers, which has given him the opportunity to speak with luminaries ranging from Supreme Court justices to Nobel Laureates. Peter has appeared in The New York Times, Daily Telegraph, Inc., Fast Company, The Los Angeles Times, as well as on NPR, CNN, Fox News and the Colbert Report, among others.