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Dana Cowin is the editor in chief of Food and Wine magazine.  Previously, Ms. Cowin served as the executive editor of Mademoiselle, the managing editor of HG Magazine, and associate editor of Vogue. A recent guest judge[…]

Leaving happy.

Question: What would you want your last meal on earth to be?

Dana Cowin: My last meal on earth ---- well, it would involve pork and it would probably involve pasta and wine. I can have wine at my last meal, right? Absolutely. So I had an amazing Harlin cab. I'd have a Harlin Cab and I'd have like a really amazing lasagna with beef, pork, veal and you know with mozzarella and it would be gooey and rich and really filling and you know what I wouldn’t be able to eat the last bite and that would be great. That would be my last thought. I am full. I am happy. I am ready to go.

Recorded on: 3/7/08

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