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Intro: Soul for Your Third Earhole

I’m just getting on a flight from Medellín, Colombia. No, I wasn’t hanging out with drug lords, war lords, or Nazis who fled Germany after World War II. I was there for a conference on the near future called “Fractal.” Fractal is the acronym (in Spanish) for Ficción Realidad Arte Ciencia Tecnología América Latina (Fiction, Reality, Art, Science, Technology, Latin America), but it also stands for a very cool, interesting group of folks. I had first heard about Fractal from a friend, Bruce Sterling, the renowned science fiction author, and I was curious. Plus, it was occurring in one of the most infamous cities in the Southern hemisphere, so I was into the vibe.

Basically, the festival brings together all the things that I’m into: smart, progressive people doing smart, progressive stuff—with multi-culturalism as a core ingredient. The “Orquideorama” designed by Plan B Architects was a stunning venue, and above all, the idea of a festival based on Latin American issues in science fiction was incredibly appealing. You can find extra info on the conference here, on the Orquideorama here, and on Plan B Architects here.

*record scratch*
Think of this blog as a fun, quirky spot for essays, brief thoughts on the ethereal side of hyper-globalized DJ culture, and what’s going on in the here, now, and always. Think of it as an elliptical, orbital, sonic fiction—soul for your third earhole. 

Things I like RIGHT NOW: 

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