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Yoko Ono in Berlin

"With her latest show of edgy work on view in Berlin, Yoko Ono proves she can still pack a punch." Intelligent Life reviews the artist's show, Das Gift.

“Ms Ono’s multimedia installation ‘Das Gift’ toys with themes of aggression and victimhood. Why the German name? ‘I did not have a title but I had this idea of the show already,’ she explained. In a second-hand bookstore in Berlin she stumbled across the German phrase, which the shop owner translated as ‘poison’ in English. ‘That was great since I was looking for a word with a paradox meaning.’ This show is about poison that becomes a learning process and maybe that becomes a present to the world plus also a present that becomes poison. I could not find a better word with an appropriate translation. So the title of the show is just in German, ‘Das Gift’.”

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