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2008 Education Blogosphere Survey results

I’m both pleased and embarrassed to announce that the results from my second annual Education Blogosphere Survey are now available. Pleased to finally be done and that there were 419 participants. Embarrassed that the gestation almost exceeded that of a human newborn. Thank you, Dan Meyer, for politely staying on my case about this. I hope the results are worth the wait.

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    • Windows Media (.wmv)
    • Quicktime (.mov)
    • PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) [has clearest images]
    • PowerPoint 2003 (.ppt) [has clearest images]
    • Acrobat (.pdf) [has clearest images]
    • Excel 2007 (.xlsx) [anonymized]
    • Excel 2003 (.xls) [anonymized]
    • Note that I didn’t do anything with the open-response items. Feel free to dig through one of the Excel files and do your own analysis (please let me know if you do!). There are lots of useful resources in the additional information in the database.

      As always, these materials are available under a Creative Commons license. Let the conversation begin!


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