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Anti-Masturbation Crusader Christine O’Donnell is Master of Her Domain in Delaware

Anti-masturbation crusader Christine O’Donnell beat establishment favorite Rep. Mike Castle last night in Deleware’s GOP senate primary, with a helping hand from the Tea Party Express.

O’Donnell first rose to national prominence as the founder and president of the SALT, an anti-masturbation youth ministry. In 1996, she and her fellow salteens appeared on MTV’s series “Sex in the Nineties” to explain why masturbation is a form of adultery that will render your future married sex life irrelevant. “[I]f he already knows what pleases him and he can please himself, then why am I in the picture?” O’Donnell asked earnestly.

The following year, while representing SALT on C-SPAN, O’Donnell argued that people with AIDS didn’t deserve to be called “victims.” A guy called in to say that he had a hard time feeling sorry for people with AIDS because their disease was their own fault. In his opinion, feeling sorry people with AIDS was like feeling sorry for “bank robbers who get shot in the head” while they’re robbing banks. “He makes an excellent point,” O’Donnell replied.

Lest you think SALT was just some youthful indiscretion, O’Donnell is still listed as the contact for the group in this internet directory, which was last updated in 2009.

I hope Democratic senate candidate candidate Chris Coons cracked open a bottle of Astroglide to celebrate O’Donnell’s victory. With any luck, the wankers of the great State of Delaware will grease his path to Washington.


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