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Chris Lehmann, Gary Stager, Joyce Valenza, David Warlick, and others on the TL 100@30 list

Well, I think the Tech&Learning 100@30 list just got a LOT more interesting…

New additions include a few popular edubloggers such as Chris Lehmann, Gary Stager, Joyce Valenza, and David Warlick. It’s not exactly clear how individuals are being chosen. It’s a weighty task to recognize the 100 most important people in the creation and advancement of the use of technology in education. Some folks, like Seymour Papert and Chris Dede and Henry Jenkins and Julie Young, are easy picks. Others, such as Albert Bandura and Linda Darling-Hammond and Howard Gardner and B.F. Skinner, seem to be more worthy for their work in learning and/or education generally rather than their work related to educational technology specifically? And still others, such as Arne Duncan and Gina Bianchini and Nancy Knowlton, arguably shouldn’t be on the list at all? And so on…

Take a look at the list (and, while you’re at it, look at the case I’ve made for Doug Levin in the comments area). Are there individuals that should be on the list that aren’t? Besides Levin, Cheryl LemkeElliot Soloway, Punya Mishra, Ken Kay, and danah boyd all come quickly to my mind. If we’re looking at edubloggers, perhaps Will Richardson, Stephen Downes, Vicki Davis, and/or Karl Fisch should be on the list? What about folks like David WileySusan Patrick, John Willinsky, or Yong Zhao? Are there folks on the list – edubloggers or otherwise – that arguably shouldn’t be?

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