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Delta wants your bold new ideas

Piggybacking on the whole “outside innovation” trend, Delta has created a new micro-site called Experience Change, which encourages airline customers to submit ideas, tips and insights into how to make the travel experience better. There’s also a rating mechanism for each tip or idea, allowing customers to vote on the best ideas and see which ones have been viewed the most times. (Presumably, Delta will then act on these ideas, assuming that they are not too cost-prohibitive) Customers have already weighed in with ideas about new planes and new menu items, as well as provided a plethora of useful travel tips & advice for fellow travelers.

Having recently emerged from the throes of a potentially crippling bankruptcy, Delta looks like it is serious about leveraging the power of innovation to make sure it never has to deal with a posse of angry creditors and shareholders ever again. As the Putting People First blog pointed out last month, the new Experience Change advertising campaign is intended to “mark a new era, introduce an updated, boldly modern corporate brand and showcase a reinvigorated customer experience.”

ASIDE: On the topic of airlines… This is possibly one of my all-time favorite “business jokes”…Q: How do you become a millionaire? A: First, become a billionaire. Then buy an airline.

[image: Delta’s “Change” campaign]


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