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Friday Flotsam: Galeras settles, Krakatau anniversary, what is under Yellowstone and more.

A quick list of the volcano news to end the week, including Galeras, Etna, Yellowstone and the anniversary of Krakatau.

Sorry about the lack of posts – I’ve been not only frantically prepping for class and my Eyja talk, but also I’m somewhat under the weather with an ill-timed sickness, so even though there is stuff to talk about, I haven’t really had time/wherewithal to deal with it.

However, expect big things from Eruptions next week!

Drawing of a ship washed inland by the tsunami generated by the August 27, 1883 eruption of Krakatau.

I’ll throw a few quick links:

  • The alert status at Galeras has been dropped back down to “orange” after the non-explosive eruption earlier this week. However, INGEOMINAS warns us the threat is still there (spanish) for an eruption (and more evacuations).
  • Another volcano anniversary falls this week – this time the 1883 eruption of Krakatau in Indonesia. You can even hear a witness to the actual eruption get interviewed by author Simon Winchester.
  • Curious about what is going on underneath Yellowstone – check out the great post on Highly Allochthonous that examines the source of the giant North American caldera system.
  • Dr. Boris Behncke has kept us appraised on the currently activity at Etna on his photostream – not a lot of coverage of this new activity at the Italian volcano in any other media source.
  • And you can catch up on all the week’s volcano news with the Global Volcanism Program’s Weekly Volcanic Activity Report!

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