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GORE FAVORABLE RATINGS REMAIN UNCHANGED SINCE 2002: Evidence Argues Against Speculation That ‘Truth’ Has Reinvented the VP in the Public’s Mind; Supports Hypothesis that ‘Truth’ Draws A Strongly Like-Minded Audience

Gallup has released a poll report detailing trends in Gore’s favorability ratings, indicating that despite the speculation that Inconvenient Truth has morphed the image of the VP in the public’s mind, there has been little change in public evaluations. (Go here and watch an ad, to access the report.)

Why has there been little movement in the VP’s favorability ratings, despite a juggernaut media campaign? As has been the case with most previous political documentaries, they draw a strong like-minded audience. Viewers of Truth are already predisposed to favor Gore and to be concerned about climate change. It’s hard to imagine citizens with an existing negative view of Gore choosing to sit through 90 minutes of the VP giving a cinematic power point lecture, no matter how well Gore pulls it off in the film. It’s a classic example of selective exposure to media messages based on political preference and predisposition.


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