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Her Majesty’s Royal Innovation: The Queen of England on YouTube

Not only does the British monarchy have an official website — they also have a brand new YouTube channel (“The Royal Channel“), launched in October. In just a few months, the channel has already lined up nearly 10,000 subscribers. Currently, the featured video on The Royal Channel is the Christmas Broadcast of 1957 — the monarchy’s first-ever televised Christmas Broadcast to the British people exactly 50 years ago today. On Christmas Day at 3 pm GMT, the royal elves will be putting up this year’s Christmas Broadcast on The Royal Channel. Although the Queen has disabled the embedding feature on the YouTube site, it’s still nice to see that the British monarchy is slowly – ever so slowly – adapting to the 21st century.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2008!

[image: Christmas Broadcast of 1957]


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