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Holiday snaps from space: Sakurajima

I may think 99.9% of Twitter is a waste of time, but the feed from ISS resident Soichi Noguchi is worth it, specially when he gets pictures of active volcanoes.

Sakurajima Volcano in Japan, taken from the ISS on February 17. Image courtesy of Soichi Noguchi.

Eruptions reader Tim Stone sent me a link to the TwitPic feed for Soichi Noguchi, the Japanese astronaut currently on board of the International Space Station. The space traveller got a shot of Sakurajima from space, showing a beautiful plume drifting off – and great detail of the towns and roads near the volcano. Soichi has some other great shots (and comments to go with them), including my old haunt Seattle (with a comment about Ichiro), Mt. Aso – another Japanese volcano, and the Patagonian coast. Great stuff – and to think, we’re living in a world where astronauts can take snaps from space and we can see them almost instantly on the interwebs.


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