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Is China Growing Too Fast?

“No one wishes for a total Chinese collapse, but certain setbacks should be welcomed.” Researcher at Harvard’s Center for Chinese Studies Ross Terrill takes China’s pulse.

“The United States should be neutral toward China’s economic and territorial evolution. It is probably good for the West that Beijing continue its economic progress, though not if it remains authoritarian decade after decade. To a degree, it is also in the West’s interest for China to avoid a return to its past disunity. That said, China is as likely to lose territory as it is to become larger by adding Taiwan and other ‘lost territories,’ and the West should prefer the former to the latter. ‘One Mongolia,’ for example, uniting China’s Inner Mongolia region with independent Mongolia, while unlikely, would not be against U.S. interests, nor would Xinjiang becoming a separate country or part of an existing Turkic country to its west.”


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