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Is the American Dream Dead?

“An ABC News/Yahoo News poll revealed that today, only half of us think the American dream—which the pollsters defined as ‘if you work hard you’ll get ahead’—still holds true.”

“For all the talk these days of porous borders and external threats to the United States, the core of our sense of security and identity as a nation has always come from within. What’s surprising, perhaps, is that it derives less from our vaunted democracy or our freedoms than it does from that rather nebulous notion we call the American dream. The dream is the glue that keeps us all together. It’s the vague promise that our lot will get better over time that gives us the patience to endure whatever indignities we suffer at the moment. It’s the belief that our kids will have a better chance in life than we do that keeps the many elements of this diverse, highly competitive society from ultimately tearing each other apart.”


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