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Mt. Baker Volcano Research Center T-shirt fundraiser

Support one of my favorite volcano research groups, the Mt. Baker Volcano Research Center.

Last year I mentioned the fundraiser for the excellent Mt. Baker Volcano Research Center – and lo and behold, I will mention it again. The new 2010 t-shirts are out and you can purchase one to support one of the best volcano research sites on the web (and off the web) – with a plethora of information on Mt. Baker, updates on the research going on at the volcano and any news of activity from Washington’s northern-most volcano.

2010 MBVRC t-shirt. Click to enlarge image.

This year’s t-shirt features Mt. Baker’s eruptive history (see above) and can be yours by visiting the MBVRC blog site. You can subscribe to the MBVRC blog as well to keep up to date on what is going on. The MBVRC through support from Western Washington University and all you volcano enthusiasts help support research on Mt. Baker, like the ice-penetrating radar study on the summit area of the volcano (see below).

Last summer’s ice-penetrating radar work to determine the thickness of ice in the summit crater at Baker. MBVRC will join this project this summer to complete the transects. The woman on the right is Melissa Park, a Western Washington University grad student running a number of radar profiles on the mountain.


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