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SETDA’s Class of 2020 Action Plan for Education

The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) has been on an unbelievable tear this year. Back in February it released its annual Trends Report on NCLB Title II, Part D (Enhancing Education Through Technology, or E2T2). Previous national reports are available at the SETDA web site. You also can access state-level reports at the Metiri Group’s web site.

Now SETDA’s Class of 2020 Action Plan for Education project is releasing its reports. The first three already are available:

  • Powerful broadband access for all: Breaking through the barriers
  • STEM education: Achievement and innovation
  • Technology-based assessments improve teaching and learning
  • Two more reports are coming out this month and next:

    • Empowering teachers: A professional and collaborative approach
    • Robust, rigorous, and right-on-time learning through online courseware
    • Be sure to tap into the incredible wealth of good information on the Reports, Research & Tools page of the SETDA web site [warning: it’s easy to get lost in here for hours…]. There are numerous high-quality resources available for K-12 educational technology advocates and change agents, including the 2007 report, Maximizing the impact: The pivotal role of technology in a 21st century education system.

      Keep up the great work, SETDA!


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