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Shameless Plug

Here at Waq al-waq we rarely take a stand on issues (unless it is how to transliterate Arabic words) or endorse different things, but from time to time we break that mold. Today is one such day.

A good friend and a wonderful reporter, Khalid al-Hammadi, has just started Scoopart Media, which should go a long way to improving western media coverage of Yemen. Khalid works for a variety of western papers and does excellent reporting on a daily basis in al-Quds al-Arabi. He also has great contacts.

I still think his wonderful 10-part interview with Nasir al-Bahri should be translated and published as the biography of a foot soldier in al-Qaeda, but I’ve had little luck convincing publishers of the wisdom of my foresight.

Still, check out his new website, and if you are a journalist heading to Yemen, this is a guy you should work with.

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