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SI/USGS Weekly Volcano Activity Report for 11/11-11/17/2009

Lots of huffing-and-puffing from volcanoes around the world, all wrapped up neatly in this week's USGS/SI Volcano Activity Report.

The latest news from the USGS/Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program Weekly Volcano Report

Highlights (not including Mayon) include:

  • Strombolian eruptions and small pyroclastic falls at Arenal in Costa Rica.
  • 3 km / 10 000 foot ash plume from Bagana on Bougainville Island in Papua New Guinea.
  • Rumbling noises, ~4.5 km / 14 000 foot ash plumes and incandescence were all reported coming from Fuego in Guatemala.
  • Steam-and-ash from Popocatepetl near Mexico City reached 7.4 km / 24 300 feet.
  • Satellite images of Shiveluch revealed a large thermal anomaly – the new lava dome – along with multiple ash plumes reaching up to 5.5 km / 18 000 feet.

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