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The hoopla over Hulu: Walt Mossberg reviews

In today’s Wall Street Journal, technology guru Walt Mossberg gave a big thumbs-up to the design and navigation features of the new

“I’ve been testing Hulu, and I am very impressed with its design and

ease of use, and with the fact that it allows users to edit and

re-publish its content on their own sites. Despite some drawbacks, it’s

the first Web property I’ve seen from mainstream studios or networks

that shows a real understanding of both modern Web design and the

Internet’s culture of sharing. In my view, it’s far better than the

typical network or studio Web site.”

That being said, still doesn’t have all the video content you’d expect — but the fact that users can edit and re-publish video content seems like a big plus. Moreover, the search capabilities on the site are apparently so robust that they even uncover videos on other sites completely unaffiliated with NBC Universal or News Corp.



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