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The launch of the Paranormal Insider

Do you believe that innovation just kind of happens? That it’s impossible to explain and that some people just seem to have a “gift” for it? The same type of thinking exists about the paranormal. The recently launched Paranormal Insider blog will provide a comprehensive review of paranormal activity from leading practitioners in the field. Already, the blog has featured entries about a top-secret parapsychology institute, the Amazing Randi, and all manner of supernatural events. Starting in December, the blog will also provide updates about the new A&E TV series Paranormal State.

Mad props to my colleagues at electricArtists who worked on the project. The blog kicked off last week with a ghost hunt event at the Landmark Tavern in New York City. If you need any inspiration to get in the mood for Halloween, this new Paranormal Insider blog is the place to be.

[image: The Paranormal Insider]


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