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This Week: National Academies, NSF, Duke, NYC, Bucknell

It’s another busy week on the road giving presentations, trading ideas, and meeting a lot of really smart and dedicated people. Yesterday, via video conference, I spoke as part of a panel at a National Academies’ meeting on science and technology advice in state policy decisions. Joining me on the panel for a very interesting discussion about science communication were Marla Cone of the Los Angeles Times, William Harrack, Professor of Engineering at the University of Illinois, and John McDonald, President of Stone’s Throw Strategic Communications.

Tomorrow I will be at NSF headquarters to give a presentation to the advisory committee for the Biological Science Division. Then it will be straight to Reagan Airport to fly down to Duke University. On Friday, I will be participating in a day long expert advisory panel focused on the Nicholas Institute’s efforts at starting an environmental communication program.

Next week on Wednesday, Chris Mooney and I will be meeting up in New York City to give an evening talk hosted by the Center for Inquiry-NYC. On Thursday, Chris and I will take in the autumn colors as we visit Bucknell University for another evening event.

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