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Thomas Friedman’s favorite company?

As Thomas Friedman explained in his best-selling book The World is Flat, “the lowering of trade and political barriers and the exponential

technical advances of the digital revolution have made it possible

to do business, or almost anything else, instantaneously with billions

of other people across the planet.” India, of course, has already become the world’s leading center for low-cost, high-quality IT outsourcing services. Not surprisingly, outsourcing giants like Wipro and Infosys are also itching to get involved in higher-margin services related to design and innovation.

Interestingly, Indian outsourcing giant Infosys is now touting a new Think Flat website with a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal. It’s now Year One of the Flat World. Fast innovation at a “China price.” No advance word as to whether Thomas Friedman will become a spokesperson anytime soon for Infosys…

[image: The World is Flat]


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