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UPDATE: New Fall speaking events include Princeton, Bucknell, NCI, and UMinnesota

This fall, I am traveling to many different cities and institutions to talk to a diversity of groups about new directions in science communication. Below is an updated lineup with new events scheduled for Princeton University, Bucknell University, and the National Cancer Institute.

There are also more details on the much anticipated panel discussion at the University of Minnesota that will include the bloggers PZ Myers and Greg Laden. The popular podcast series CFI Point of Inquiry plans to record and rebroadcast the event.

A few other possible stops are still in the works for the fall and the spring. These trips will be an opportunity to talk about how research can and should inform public engagement efforts, but it will also be a great opportunity to gain insights from some of the smartest people in the country.

12.12.12. National Cancer Institute, Prevention & Control Colloquia, DC.

12.10.12. Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy Program, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton, NJ.

11.27.07. National Academies of Science*, DC.

10.25.07. Bucknell University*, PA.

10.24.07. Center for Inquiry-NYC*.

10.19.07 Nicholas Institute for the Environment, Duke University

10.18.07. Biology Directorate, National Science Foundation, DC.

10.05.07. Forum on Science, Ethics, and Policy, University of Washington, Seattle*.

10.05.07. Dept. of Communication, University of Washington, Seattle.

10.01.07. George Washington University, DC*.

9.28.07. Bell Museum of Natural History, MN*.

9.28.07. Assoc. Reproductive Health Professionals, MN*.

*Part of the Speaking Science 2.0 tour.

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