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Surprising Science

Long-Range Electric Cars

“Electric cars with decent range are just around the corner.” Paul Markillie at Intelligent Life Magazine takes a G.M. car for a spin that runs primarily on an electric engine.

“This [G.M. car] is a hybrid, but not like a Toyota Prius or a Honda Insight. The wheels on those cars are driven mechanically by a petrol engine most of the time, with an electric motor taking over some of the time. The GM car is always driven by an electric motor. The petrol engine starts when the battery runs low, but only to power a generator to produce electricity. GM calls this system E-REV, for extended-range electric vehicle. And this will be the first mass-produced vehicle of its kind. I like it. The car drives and handles well, better even than many conventional ones. … It feels sporty and the inside looks suitably modern.”


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