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This Smartwatch Measures Both Your Vitals And Your Car’s

Nissan’s Nismo smartwatch gives new meaning to the car/driver relationship: It connects to the car’s computer system so that its wearer can receive performance data and other information.

What’s the Latest Development?

Like other smartwatches, the Nismo measures the wearer’s biometric data, including temperature and heart rate. Unlike other smartwatches, it also has the ability to connect to a car’s “biometric” sources — the on-board computer system — and relay its data, such as fuel consumption and overall performance, to the wearer as well. The new device was unveiled by automaker Nissan earlier this week in advance of the Frankfurt Motor Show, which runs through September 22.

What’s the Big Idea?

The smartwatch is one of the first products produced by Nissan’s Nismo laboratory, and it combines two technologies — connected cars and wearable computing — that are expected to grow in the coming years. Chris Hallett, editor-in-chief of the UK-based buying guide What Car?, believes such watches could be especially appealing: “Imagine if you could heat up your car on a cold day before you got into it or shut the roof of your convertible when it started raining and it was parked outside.” Future versions could eventually help monitor drivers’ physical states while they’re in the car, detecting potential problems with fatigue or concentration.

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