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Apply Car-Buying Tips to your Life

Justine Rivero shares how her dad’s ‘foolproof’ car-buying secrets are relevant to achieving any goal. Sticking to a clear purpose and knowing when to walk away are two tips.

What’s the Latest Development?

Justine Rivero shares the experience of being guided by her father’s wisdom when buying her first car and how it can be applied to life in general, particularly achieving goals. “Dad always drilled that getting what I want in life isn’t magic; it’s more strategy than serendipity.”

What’s the Big Idea?

Rivero sets out her father’s strategy in four main points: stick to a clear purpose; know your opportunities and timing; seek out the right person; and know when to walk away. The first, sticking to a clear purpose, is particularly crucial when faced with a big decision, like a major career move or handling a personal conflict. “Go back to your singular purpose and stick to achieving that. Other priorities and details will fall into place.”


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