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Would-Be Entrepreneurs Need Big Biz Experience

Jeff Haden urges would-be entrepreneurs to get some experience in a big company (not some small start-up) first. Why? They’ll get the skills and knowledge essential for success.

What’s the Latest Development?

One of Jeff Haden’s BNET colleagues recently recommended that college grads should aim to make their first job in a start-up. But he disagrees, saying if you want to one day start your own business, first get a grounding in a big company. “My first post-college job was with a Fortune 500 company. Starting and running a business would have been much harder without the skill and experience I gained in a corporate environment.”

What’s the Big Idea?

Haden’s reasons for tasting the corporate world first? Entrepreneurs are sometimes crazy, not in a good way; training is not a distant dream; mentors are everywhere; checks and balances limit extreme behavior; “my way” tends to hit the highway; discipline and follow-through are expected; large companies assign a variety of projects; and, most importantly, you’ll learn what not to do.


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