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What Your CEO Does

Do you know what your boss does? Researchers have studied how CEOs of big companies spend their time. Is it bad news that longer days correlated with better productivity?

What’s the Latest Development?

Researchers scrutinized CEO time management by following 94 top managers in Italy for a week each. Most of the CEOs’ time was spent working with other people—via meetings, phone calls, and public appearances—and only 15% working alone. Two interesting findings were that the top managers who spent more time at work were more productive and that time they spent with ‘insiders’ correlated much more strongly with productivity increases than time meeting people from outside their company.

What’s the Big Idea?

CEOs should be mindful of how much time they spend with employees. Spending too much time with consultants, etc, ‘outside’ their company might not be as beneficial as they think. It seems bosses who work harder—and spend more time meeting with their staff—get better results.


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