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Learn the fundamentals of real estate for just $25

The market is moving — dive in now.
Key Takeaways
  • The pandemic is accelerating real estate transactions into the digital age.
  • Despite an economic downturn, certain real estate markets are booming.
  • Professional real estate investment techniques are skills anyone can learn.

While the economy is uncertain, real estate markets across the country are on the upswing. Investing in real estate takes work and effort, though with a bit of training, it’s possible to understand how the market moves—and where to put your money.

The Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment Bundle is your entry point to the real estate market. These five courses feature 181 lessons that teach you all the ins and outs.

The bundle is tailored to newbies who are fresh to the market. The first course looks at foundational real estate concepts you’ll need to understand prior to making your first investment. You’ll learn how to identify and mitigate risks while evaluating both commercial and residential real estate.

Once your feet are wet, you’ll dive into flipping rental properties by using professional-grade investment models to evaluate your deals. Then learn how to differentiate between good and bad deals, as well as structuring those deals with investment partners.

A deep dive into commercial real estate analysis offers over a dozen detailed case studies inspired by real-world commercial deals. You’ll also learn foundational concepts, like the 70% Rule and the Fixed Costs Method, to evaluate your wholesaling deals. By the end, you’ll emerge with a better understanding of how to present deal economics to potential flip investor buyers and buy and hold investor buyers.

The bundle is taught by Symon He, a best-selling online instructor of real estate and business courses that has taught over 300,000 students worldwide. He is the author of “Real Estate Investing QuickStart Guide” and co-author of “Airbnb for Dummies.”

The Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment Bundle is on sale now for just $25, over 90% off of the original list price.

The Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment Bundle – $25

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