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Jennifer Rubell, 36, writer, renowned hostess, hotelier, Harvard grad and member of the illustrious Rubell clan, is poised to become the country’s newest entertaining guru.  Jennifer is currently Food and[…]

Rubell thinks that in this country, people are open to new ideas.

Jennifer Rubell: I’m so into the way Americans approach food.  You know I mean I lived in Paris when I was 18 years old, so way back in the day.  So this was like the late ‘80s.  And there were like a smattering of ethnic restaurants, and that’s Paris.  You know you’re getting people from all over the world there, and it’s just like every single restaurant was French.  I think it’s very, very cool that Americans are open; and particularly New Yorkers because it’s the good and the bad of New York that people will jump on any new train that’s coming by.  It’s harder to be, you know, a train that people stay on.  But . . . but I think it’s great.  I think it’s one of the most exciting things about this country – is that  people are open to new ideas.  And yeah, 30 new ideas will be exciting for the first five minutes.  But there’s going to be one out of those that grows into the center of what American food is.

Recorded on 12/10/07