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Who's in the Video
Carla Katz is the former president of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 1034, where she represented 16,000 public and private sector workers across New Jersey. She has also[…]

Unions raise all workers wages and benefits, Katz says, and gives all workers a voice.

Carla Katz: I think unions are great for the economy. I think that unions raise all workers’ wages. I think that unions protect benefits for all workers. And we also give a voice on issues that do indeed just literally impact other workers.

One example of that is we’ve been fighting in New Jersey for paid family leave for 10 years. Currently only two states in the country offer it. Barring any unforeseen disaster, this March we will see paid family leave voted into law and hopefully signed by our governor. And that is legislation that has been spearheaded by the labor movement that will impact not just our members, but every working person in the state in a positive way.

 February 8, 2008