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Cynthia McFadden is an anchor and correspondent for ABC News who currently co-anchors Nightline and Primetime.  Recently named co-anchor of “Primetime” on ABC News, she has been at that network[…]

Too much darn work.

Topic: Covering Celebrity

Cynthia McFadden: I could answer the question easily when it comes to celebrities. I don’t do celebrities that don’t interest me. It’s just too much darn work. It’s not worth it. I leave that to others. If I’m going to do a celebrity profile, it has to be someone that I find interesting in some way. Now it doesn’t mean that I don’t . . . I have to like them. It means I have to find them interesting. There has to be something about them that compels me to wanna talk to them. Because nothing is worse than sitting across the table from a movie star and talking about the new movie. It’s like, “Eww, eww.” So you know I’ve interviews a wide range of people who I find interesting, and I think that we . . . you know, we venerate our celebrities in this culture. So it’s very interesting to try to probe a little bit about what makes them tick. So I hope that I can bring that to the table. That’s one category of things.


Recorded on: Jul 7 2007