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Who's in the Video
David Life is a co-founder (with Sharon Gannon) of the Jivamukti School of Yoga and co-director of the Jivamukti Yoga Center  in New York. Born in a small town in[…]

A guru is one who brings light.

David Life: A guru means the one that . . . that brings the light; the one that takes away the darkness. Darkness in this case means ignorance. And the primary . . . the principle ignorance is thinking that you are the name and form; thinking you are your personality. When that is removed by the goo remover, which is the guru; when the crustiness is taken away or broken down, then this enlightenment that was always there is allowed to come out. And the guru is the one that facilitates this. The guru is also the connection to these lineage teachings which extend back in time we don’t know how far, but have been passed to us from teacher to student over time. And the guru or the __________ is the Sanskrit word . . . the lineage of teachers is that unbroken chain of transference of the knowledge