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Marion Nestle is a consumer activist, nutritionist, and academic who specializes in the politics of food and dietary choice. Nestle received her BA, PhD, and MPH from the University of[…]

Teach your kids how to cook, Nestle says.

Marion Nestle:  I think that families can help their kids get better food habits pretty easily.  First of all have meals together.  Really simple thing.  Have meals together.  Turn the television set off during the meals.  If you don’t want your kids eating junk food, don’t have it in the house.  Teach kids where food comes from.  Teach them how it’s produced.  Teach them how . . . about food miles.  Teach them about natural and organic.  Teach them about all of that.  Teach kids how to cook.  If you want your kids to have really great involvement with food, to like food, to be adventurous about it, to eat interesting things, teach them how to cook.