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Who's in the Video
James Love Barksdale offers living proof that all Silicon Valley entrepreneurs aren't cocky young upstarts faking their way to success. This consummate Southern gentleman, known for his folksy sayings and[…]

Individualizing the Web.

Question: How has YouTube changed the Internet?

Jim Barksdale: I think Web 2.0 and . . .  It’s a more effective way of moving individualized video.  And people seek that out and there are all kinds of reasons for it.  But I think that’s why it’s so great.  It’s an individualized, person-to-person, or many-to-many, or one-to-many method of sending as much as we can send electronically, which are images and sounds.  And it has proved the point that there is a huge need out there for people both to send things about themselves or things that they think are interesting, and to receive those things.  And it is being able to do it in a way that is effective and efficient

Recorded on: 7/5/07