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David Dollar has served as the World Bank's China Director and is currently the U.S. Treasury Department's Economic and Financial Emissary to China.Before this assignment, Mr. Dollar worked as Director for[…]

Where do theory and implementation diverge?

David Dollar: It's an adequate lens to look at virtually any human issue. So you can look at marriage from an economic point of view. You can look at child rearing. You can certainly look at environmental issues. So I certainly think it's a very powerful lens from which to study human behavior, but it's not the only perspective. So it's always tried to keep up good ties with academics, and political science, and sociology, and history especially. And I think there are different lenses and they bring different perspectives. So I try not to be an economist chauvinist. I think we have a powerful toolkit, but I try to learn from other disciplines, and other types of academics, and non academics.


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