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One of the art world's leading figures, Simon de Pury is renowned for his deep and long-standing knowledge of the global marketplace and his legendary auctioneering style. He generates excitement[…]

Frank Stella’s influence will only increase in the coming decades, de Pury says.

Simon de Pury: The great thing is that in every time, even when the art market is very hot as we see it now, there are artists who are totally under the radar, and who do not get properly appreciated. And so you have to take the long-term view of who these artists are that will have a long lasting influence. I’ve mentioned earlier in this talk Frank Stella. While he is a world known artist, I feel that he is an artist who is totally under-evaluated (undervalued) overall versus his artistic importance. And . . . Or if you take an artist like Eric Fischl who emerged in the 1980s, I view him as one of the great American artists in the tradition of Winslow Homer, of Edward Hopper, and he creates very little work. So if you extrapolate looking forward, he will be a seminal artist. And so compared to his importance, he’s totally undervalued today. Recorded on: 2/7/08