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Jessica Valenti is a feminist writer and blogger. She is the founder and editor of the popular blog and online community,, and the author of three books: Full Frontal[…]

Jessica Valenti would go out with the writer Raymond Carver, even if he was “twisted” and “not necessarily a very good person.”

Question: If you could go to dinner with anyone—living or dead—who would it be?

Jessica Valenti: Oh, my gosh! That's such a hard question! Who would I go to dinner with? I don't want to pick a feminist, because maybe I could probably like figure out a way to get like dinner with a feminist. Oh, my God. This is going to sound kind of twisted, but I think Raymond Carver, the writer, who I love, and is kind of like a -- you know, was an alcoholic and not like necessarily a very good person. But I just have always really loved his short stories, and I would just love to pick his brain.

Recorded December 11, 2009