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Lee H. Hamilton is president and director of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and director of The Center on Congress at Indiana University. Hamilton represented Indiana’s 9th congressional[…]

America’s great challenge, Hamilton says, is to figure out how we use our power.

Well I think how things work, it takes an awful lot of effort by a lot of people. And building a community of interests, building consensus, I think, is really the great challenge. The overwhelming challenge in the world today for the United States is how we use this power – unrivaled power, unprecedented power, unmatched power – economically, militarily, technologically, culturally? How we use that power to protect American interests and to make a better world – safer, more prosperous. That is the great challenge for the country now, and I think will be for many, many years to come. Recorded on: 7/5/07

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