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Daniel Quinn Mills is the Albert J. Weatherhead, Jr. Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus.  His tenure at Harvard lasted from 1976 to 2007.  He consults with major corporations and governments[…]

“I believe that the most important things are the service that you provide to others.”

Question: What is your personal philosophy?

D. Quinn Mills: I believe that the most important things are the service that you provide to others. I think that it's very important to be objective and clear thinking, not to get lost and the two great dangers that we have. Particularly in our society, one of which is wishful thinking, we are always thinking that the world and everything is going to be better than it is and the other thing is hype. Americans tend the hype everything as the result of that, we do not have a sense of proper proportion and we overdo things. The classic example right now is the attack on 9/11. It was a terrible thing, but it was only a terrorist attack and yet the number of people in this country who were referred to this is the beginning of World War III and use that is an excuse for the military adventures that we're in abroad now is I think just astonishing. The hype in this country, the sensationalism continually confuses us and causes some enormous errors, and my philosophy is avoid those things at all cost.

Recorded on: 9/27/07




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