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Who's in the Video
Joe Randazzo is the former editor of The Onion, the world's most popular satirical newspaper, as well as former creative director of Randazzo also performs stand-up and has appeared on NPR's This American[…]

If pressed to do so, Joe Randazzo would write a satirical headline about the woman who fed, clothed, and nurtured him for eighteen years.

Question: Would you be willing to write a headline about your own mother?


Joe Randazzo: I would do this, yes, but I wouldn’t put her name in it per se, and if you’re asking me to do it on the spot right now I cannot. It’s a torturous affair to write a headline. It takes many minutes of torture, sometimes hours, and it would just be humiliating to me and demeaning to all of us for me to come up with a headline on the spot for you today.

Recorded on November 30, 2009
Interviewed by Austin Allen