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Today's Big Idea: Successful Narcissism

Today’s Big Idea: Successful Narcissism

David Arenson takes the position that your life's mission is to love yourself. 

While narcissism can appear in the form of an extremely destructive personality disorder, maintaining a healthy level of self-love, on the other hand, is essential to personal well-being. To take that one step further, in today’s lesson, David Arenson takes the position that your life’s mission is to love yourself. 

Furthermore, Arenson says that it is important to ask yourself a series of questions to evaluate your level of self-love because as he writes “without knowing the answer you will live unconsciously from moment to moment, just going through the motions without being awake to the deeper significance of your choices, and what energy you are broadcasting to the world, what you are inviting into your life, and what you are making others aware of.”

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