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Innovation deep in the heart of Texas

Videos and podcasts from the panel discussions at the SXSW 2007 event, which kicked off over the weekend, are now available on the SXSW 2007 site. The event takes place over nine days, primarily involving a lot of creative professionals from the music, video gaming and film industries, but there’s a lot of value for business innovators looking to tap into new trends before they reach the mainstream. There will be three keynote conversations, which provide the overall context for the other panel discussions taking place at the event:


Phil Torrone of MAKE Magazine and Limor Fried of the Eyebeam Technology & Research Center on Sunday, March 11;

(2) CBS News anchor Dan Rather on Monday, March 12;

(3) Will Wright (“the Bono of the video game industry”) on Tuesday, March 13.

In addition, there were opening remarks on March 10 by rising superstar Kathy Sierra, who runs the popular Creating Passionate Users blog. To keep track of everything going on (including cool music clips), check out’s “Best of SXSW” website


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